Both me and the client are interested. What next?

Clients can shortlist a number of designers in the first instance to attract interest. However, we limit them to inviting a maximum of three interested designers for a consultation. This encourages clients to be selective, and ultimately makes leads more meaningful, preventing designers’ time being wasted.

It's a good sign that a client has shortlisted you - you're in the running. Now it's up to your profile to win you the lead over the other designers that have shown interest. Read our article on creating a winning profile here


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    Dale Hickman

    The client and myself are both interested. Do I have to have a paid membership for them to send me a consultation request?

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    Adam Joyce

    I have been shortlisted for a number of projects and I have said I. Am interested but have not heard anything else from the client? How does the client proceed with the project?

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