Step by Step Guide

Once you’re logged in you’ll see four steps in the header:

  1. Search
  2. Shortlist
  3. Meet up
  4. Reviews 


1. Search

This is where you’ll see all projects that have been matched to your details and preferences. From here you can add projects to your shortlist. This triggers an email to that client letting them know that you’d like to be invited for a consultation.


  • Clients can only invite you for a consultation if you have shortlisted their project.
  • Please don’t shortlist projects if you don’t intend to accept the consultation: this disappoints clients, and could result in a negative review for you. You can un-shortlist a project at any time by clicking the shortlist star again.


2. Shortlist

This area contains 4 menus on the left hand side, that you can switch between:

Projects I’m interested in (projects you’ve shortlisted)

Interested Clients (clients who’ve shortlisted you)

Both Interested (both you and the client have shortlisted each other)

Consultation Invitations (Client has selected you for a consultation)


Tip: You will be automatically notified by email when:

  1. when a client shortlists you
  2. when you have been invited for a consultation


3. Consultations


Clients can shortlist a number of architects in the first instance, but we limit them to inviting a maximum of three for a consultation. This encourages clients to be selective, and ultimately makes leads more meaningful, preventing designers’ time being wasted.


4. Reviews

After you've had your consultation with the client, ask them to leave you a review on the site. This really helps your profile!


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