Your profile - rules of play

One of DfM's aims is to make using a design professional more accessible and approachable to homeowner clients. Having a person to contact instead of a company really makes a difference.

So your DfM profile should be about you as an individual, not your practice. If you are an individual from a practice or the director, you should be the main point of contact for the client for the first meeting and the duration of their project. More than one person in a practice is welcome to sign up.

We also found that most homeowners don't appreciate being overloaded with information, so the Design for Me profiles are designed to be concise. This helps homeowners in their selection process. Once they've narrowed down their options and selected you for a consultation, you can of course provide website links and further information to win the job.

To maintain a level playing field, we also want to make sure clients stay within Design for Me to find their architect or designer. We limit the number of design professionals the client can invite for a consultation to three. This ensures they are selective and avoids wasting designers' precious time. 

So, for these reasons above we don’t accept searchable contact details including websites, emails, logos, practice names or full names. Please play fair to us and other designers on the site, and let the quality of your work and profile win you the job. If you’ve done so inadvertently, we’ll remove the reference and send you a little note.