What can I expect from a consultation?

We recommend that you meet the designer in person at the address of the project. They can give you their initial thoughts and advice. This should give you a better understanding of what you want but also what may be involved (such as a planning application).


What you can expect from the initial consultations:
  • It's a chance to see how you get on. It’s important that you and your designer see eye to eye. The better you understand and trust each other the more likely you are to feel satisfied at the end of it. Your project is unique and so are designers, so it’s important that they are the right fit. 
  • They will explain how they work and​ charge for services
  • If you like them, you can ask one (or all) of them for a quotation
    ​. If you would like to have a detailed design consultation at your next meeting, you can ask them to provide a quote for this, in addition to their fees for full services. 
  • For the designers, it is an opportunity to meet you and understand your needs. 
  • We do not recommend that you pay any fees for design services before you meet and feel confident that they would be suitable. At the very least you should have a chat on the phone.